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Voltage range 50 to 1000 volts current 2.5 PDF results

high voltage insulation hitester - ...

response time: n leakage current measurement range: current range and accuracy: response time: n voltage measurement range: frequency: accuracy: input impedance: response time:

Type mg precision high voltage resistors - caddock

2003-2017 caddock electronics, inc. sales and applications engineering 17271 north umpqua hwy. roseburg, oregon 97470-9422 phone: (541) 496-0700 fax: (541) 496-0408

m1 thru m7 - kingtronics

surface mount general rectifier reverse voltage50 to 1000 volts forward current1.0 ampere features the plastic package carries underwriters laboratory flammability classification 94v-0

lm723/lm723c voltage regulator - dotisky | ben

lm723/lm723c voltage regulator general description the lm723/lm723c is a voltage regulator designed prima-rily for series regulator applications.

voltage suppressor - eic

Rating and characteristic curves ( p6smb series ) fig.1 - pulse derating curve fig.2 - maximum non-repetitive surge current 0 25 50 75 100 125 150 175

inrush current - interpoint

Using an inrush current limiter figure 6 shows a simple power ramp circuit that can be used to reduce the inrush current during a fast rising input voltage. figure 17 shows the simulation of the drain voltage in response

Nte956 integrated circuit 3-terminal adjustable ...

Nte956 integrated circuit 3-terminal adjustable positive voltage regulator description: the nte956 is an adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulator in a t o220 type package capable

bss138l, bvss138l power mosfet 200 ma, 50 v

Bss138l, bvss138l www.onsemi.com 2 electrical characteristics (ta = 25°c unless otherwise noted) characteristic symbol min typ max unit off characteristics drain−to−source breakdown voltage

ao4468 rev.7.0 rohs - alpha & omega ...

ao4468 typical electrical and thermal characteristics 0 2 4 6 8 10 0 5 10 15 v gs (volts) qg (nc) figure 7: gate-charge characteristics 0 200 400 600 800 1000...

british bs 88 fuses - cooper bussmann

Arc voltage this curve gives the peak arc voltage, ul, which may appear across the fuse during its operation as a function of the applied working voltage,

Gpa n e l m e t e r c a t a l o g - davidson sales

1000 series 1025/26 1045/46 1037/38 case style & construction clear plastic case fronts come with a molded-in, ribbed lower section to...


Lm723, lm723c www.ti.com snvs765c - june 1999- revised april 2013 lm723/lm723c voltage regulator check for samples: lm723, lm723c 1features description the lm723/lm723c is a voltage regulator designed

Direct current motors and drives 1/50 - 3000 hp

www.baldor.com 5 tenv & tefc pmdc motors* hp rpm nema frame enclosure catalog number arm volts full load amps rated torq. lb-ft 1/4 1750 56c tenv cdp3310 90 2.5 0.75

Mmbz5221blt1 - zener voltage regulators

Mmbz52xxblt1g series, szmmbz52xxblt1g series www.onsemi.com 5 typical characteristics c, capacitance (pf) 100 vz, nominal zener voltage (v) figure 5. typical capacitance 1000 100

Mcr100 - sensitive gate rectifiers

Mcr100 series http://onsemi.com 4 dc figure 3. typical holding current versus junction temperature tj, junction temperature (°c) 1000 100 −40 −25 −10 5 20 35 50...

420 kv, 50, 63, 80 & 125 mvar, shunt reactor, ...

Getco/e/4ts - shr02/r2 jul08 sign & seal of bidder page 1 of 66 gujarat energy transmission corporation ltd. saradar patel vidyut bhavan, race course, baroda - 390 007.

lm5575/lm5575q simple switcher® 75v, 1.5a ...

Bst sw comp fb ss ramp rt vcc vin out is gnd lm5575 vin vout sync sd lm5575 www.ti.com snvs471g - january 2007- revised april 2013 lm5575/lm5575q simple switcher® 75v, 1.5a step-downswitching regulator

electric and magnetic fields and your ...

electric and magnetic fields and your health information on electric and magnetic fields associated with transmission lines...

50 to 600 watts autoranging, ac-dc switchers

50 to 600 watts autoranging, ac-dc switchers flatpac flatpac™ rev 1.7 vicorpower.com page 1 of 6 09/2016 800 927.9474 features •...

Applications absolute maximum ratings - vicor

28v wide micro family rev 2.6 vicorpower.com page 2 of 12 06/2017 800 927.9474 28v wide input parametermintypmaxunit notes operating input voltage 9 28 36

new fluke 287 - fluke corporation

Specifications function range and resolution basic accuracy dc volts ac volts 50.000 mv,500.00 mv, 5.0000 v, 50.000 v, 500.00 v, 1000.0 v 0.025 %

Ω) class-t™ digital audio amplifier driver ...

Tripath technology, inc. - technical information 1 ta2020 - kl/7.1/03.05 ta2020-020 stereo 20w (4ω) class-t™ digital audio amplifier driver using digital power processing (dpp™) technology

Psc square body 690/700 volt semiconductor ...

) current catalog no. catalog no. catalog no. catalog no. (w) type d11a type do8a type ef type ttf 50 690 0.116 0.68 9 6,9urd30d11a0050 6,9urd30d08a0050 6,6urd30ef0050 6,9urd30ttf0050

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